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Salon International 2019

Drama, glamour and WOW factor at Salon International 2019 As some of you may know, Salon International is the biggest hair event of the year. Think London fashion week for all things hair and much more! This Salon International 2019 certainly lived up to our most...

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Autumn hair

WELCOME BACK AUTUMN HAIR! Autumn is an important time for your hair, as it goes through a natural regrowth phase. That's why our expert hair stylists at Class & Class suggest to spend more time on your hair during this time, using the right products. From masks to...

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Our history

Our history Class & Class hair salon started in April 2017, in West Ealing, on the site where Woolworth's was originally located in the '30s. Our vision is to offer a personal approach, where you're centre stage from the initial consultation process to the end...

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Color correction hair

Color correction hair Ealing Hair color correction is a process used by experienced hair stylists to change or neutralise hair colour. This may be needed if you have coloured hair and thinking of a dramatic colour change. Or when you've been using box colour at home...

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Balayage Ealing

Balayage Ealing Balayage Ealing: we are going back to basics with Colour this term. Forget the latest catchy term, sometimes a good session of Balayage is all your hair needs to look refreshed. Balayage is the French word for sweep, our colourists use free hand to...

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True keratin

True keratin: road tested Frizzy, puffy hair? Me too, until I tried True Keratin, a new version of the more known Brazilian blow dry, says Sonia at Class & Class. Our new product is 100% natural and does have all the sleeking, smoothing benefits of a keratin...

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