Blonde balayage bob

The Blonde Balayage Bob is the perfect cut and colour for shorter hair this magic season ✂️

This hair style is in the spotlight recently, as so many A-stars from the likes of Lily James, Alexa Chung and Lucy Hale (to mention just a few) have jumped on the bandwagon and proudly paraded their own unique versions.

As this colour technique is executed by free-hand painting, you can reach so many different results, from soft to a more punchy version. This killer look is created blending deep darker shades at the roots with lighter shades of blonde at the ends. Flirty loose waves add an extra touch of WOW factor, making the final look so natural and more casual.

The results are amazing. And on the plus side, it’s really low mainteinance. As there are no clear demarkation lines in the hair with the balayage bob, it won’t look dreadful if you wait few months before your next hair salon visit.

Our balayage works are much in demand and a source of inspiration all over the UK, with Google placing our balayage bob gallery in the top 10 most visited pages on the web on this topic.

Search Balayage Bob. Make your selfies moments iconic.

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