Boho hair transformation

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Boho hair: from Natural Brunette to Boho Blonde?

One of the hottest trends we anticipate will definitely define this Spring 2019.

If you’re a natural brunette looking for a switch to boho hair, this is the season to make the leap!

Follow Jennifer Lawrence and a host of A-star jumping merrily on the bandwagon of blonde boho hair this Spring
and be at the forefront of the latest fashion craze.

Not the easiest of transformations to achieve, so follow these guidelines from Dimitar, our Art Director at Class & Class to get it right!

First to acknowledge is that most shades of brunette would get to blonde, but this will depend very much on how dark your hair is and which level of blonde you want to achieve.

We recommend a gradual transition to blonde, rather than a full blast one session transformation. Your hair will be healthier and more natural looking.

With balayage or highlights you could gradually lighten up your hair over the course of a few months.

To your advantage, if you find a shade you like during the journey to blonde transformation, then you could stop it there and maintain that shade over the time.

Maintenance is another aspect to keep into consideration: if you don’t want to attend the regular six to eight weeks touch up sessions requested for a super-blonde look, then opt in for a low-maintenance blonde.

This look is achieved exploiting the natural colour of your roots and gradually dragging the blonde colour through the lengths as to blend more naturally with the roots.

The results: just an amazing natural looking boho blonde, multi-tone and with great depth. The hair: just healthy, as you can notice in Jennifer’s blonde picture!