Brazilian Keratin Treatment (aka Brazilian Hair Straightening)

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The condition of your hair is of most importance for healthy shiny hair. Who doesn’t want great looking hair today.

Keratin is a healthy protein found naturally in the hair.

It builds a protective shield against humidity, the primary cause of frizz.

Over time the hair loses keratin from repeated exposure to the sun, heating, styling and chemical services like bleaching. This causes porous spots, much like potholes in a road.

Most frizz and damaged hair is due to overly porous hair, according to health experts.

The Brazilian Keratin treatment fills in these gaps back to their natural status, repairing damaged hair and providing a healthier appearance.

Take advantage of our 100% chemical free brazilian keratin treatment at CLASS & CLASS to give new light to your hair.

Our brazilian keratin blow dry provides a semi-permanent straightening condition to your hair that may last from 2 to four months.

Please note our treatment is 100% chemical free. 100% Formaldehyde Free, with only natural ingredients so safe to use.