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Happy International Women’s Day 2020

International Womens' Day 2020 With the passing of winter, we look forward to the lovely days of spring and the emergence of a new season of hair trends. This week we celebrate International Women’s Day, Sunday 8th March 2020. WHAT MAKES A WOMAN MORE BEAUTIFUL IS THE...

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Mens skin fade haircut

Mens skin fade haircut Mens skin fade haircut? If you're looking for a modern and stilish fresh haircut, the skin fade haircut is getting even more popular in 2020. The contrast between the top and the faded sides, the ability to combine it with lots of other styles...

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Valantine 2020

Valantine's day. Celebrate in style! Who needs Valantine's cupid when I got a WOW look? With 🌹Valantine's Day🌹 fast approaching, remember to make time for some self-love this week. Whether you're looking for a fresh haircut, highlights, balayage, bold colours or top...

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Valentine’s Day 2020 Ultimate Gift List

Valentine's Day 2020 Ultimate Gift List Don't just set for flowers this Valentine's day. You deserve more! Have a look at some of the exclusive gifts that would be making your Valentine's Day more special. Valentine's Day 2020 Ultimate Gift List. Get creative ✂️...

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balayage transformation

Balayage transformation Balayage transformation: we are obsessed with balayage. Forget the latest catchy term, sometimes a good balayage transformation is all you need to start with a fresh look this month. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep. Our hair artisans...

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