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True keratin

True keratin: road tested Frizzy, puffy hair? Me too, until I tried True Keratin, a new version of the more known Brazilian blow dry, says Sonia at Class & Class. Our new product is 100% natural and does have all the sleeking, smoothing benefits of a keratin...

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Easter opening times

Look gorgeous these festivities... Being a top hairdressers salon in Ealing and voted as one of the best hair salons in West London makes us proud! We're celebrating your trust this Easter by working even harder to make your hair journey the best it can possibly be....

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Boho hair

Boho hair transformation Experience The Difference Boho hair: from Natural Brunette to Boho Blonde? One of the hottest trends we anticipate will definitely define this Spring 2019. If you're a natural brunette looking for a switch to boho hair, this is the season to...

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Hair Oil Treatment

Hair Oil Treatment Does your hair feel a bit dull or spent? Could an oil be the missing piece in your haircare routine?  ✂️ Read on to find out all about hair oil treatment...what is it and what does it do. What it is? Natural oils from plants and seeds, such as...

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International Women’s Day

With the passing of winter, we look forward to the lovely days of spring and the emergence of a new season of hair trends. This week we celebrate International Women's Day, Friday 8th March. WHAT MAKES A WOMAN MORE BEAUTIFUL IS THE BELIEF THAT SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! Look...

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The power to make you beautiful

Creative Director Mike Najmi at Class & Class Mike Najmi, international creative director will be at Class & Class Sunday 24th February 2019 for a unique display of his powerful creative flair ✂️ See below a sample of his creations to give you some...

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