Color correction hair Ealing

Hair color correction is a process used by experienced hair stylists to change or neutralise hair colour.

This may be needed if you have coloured hair and thinking of a dramatic colour change. Or when you’ve been using box colour at home for a while and your hair doesn’t show a uniform shade anymore. It is usually necessary to lighten up a dark shade or vice versa.

CASE 1: I want to change my hair colour from a dark shade to a lighter one

Let’s say you used dark brown box colour for a while and you want to change to a lighter colour (light brown, red, blonde…you name it).

It’s not going to be a standard hair tinting session, as a lighter colour won’t have any effects on darker colours.

The first step is to strip off the dark brown pigment from your hair. Then a lighter colour can be applied to achieve a uniform brilliant tone. This whole process is called colour correction.

Any colours can be achieved, but remember this takes longer than a tinting session and may not be achieved in one go!

Same principle applies if you had your hair dark coloured at a salon and you want to go lighter.

The picture below shows the results of a colour correction from a purple and dark brown base to a lovely black and red galore!

Color correction hair

CASE 2: I want to change my hair colour from brassy yellow to ash blonde

Let’s say you got some beautiful light blonde highlights or a gorgeous blonde balayage. It’s two months now and your lovely blonde has turned into a nightmarish brassy yellow. Nothing to fear. A purple shampoo and a toner later may well neutralise the brassiness and get your original colour back into pristine conditions.

However, if you wanted to go from a warm blonde to ice blonde, nothing to fear. This is a straightforward process, but it’s longer than a standard highlights session of two hours.

If you’re planning to change into a much lighter hair shade, always be patient and prepared for a longer session.

To achieve beautiful colours takes time. If you’re in rush, chances are your hairdresser will deliver below your expectations.

A beautiful flower may take a year to flourish. What’s few hours at your best hairdresser in comparison?

Color correction hair

Each colour correction hair service varies, depending on the current condition of your hair and the final look you want to achieve.

If your last visit to the hairdresser for a colour session was more than six months ago, and you’re looking at refreshing your colour with lighter shades, a good session of balayage or highlights may achieve your end results.

Always ask your colourist for a consultation, before booking online. Chances are that your visit will take longer than normal, as your stylist has to work carefully through the different sections of your hair!

Take a seat and relax. It’s going to be amazing…

See below some of the most recent colour correction works at Class & Class. Click on them to see them in full size. Each picture shows before and after service to give you an idea of what could be achieved in one session.