Colour Correction

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Colour consultation

Time to dust off your locks and get colour ready this season.

At Class & Class we offer a complimentary consultation service so nothing to fear if you’re still undecided. Our colour experts will guide you through the process, whether you choose a simple colour touch up or you’re going for a complete colour refresh.


We offer ammonia free colour services for any customers that request it. If you feel itchy after a colour treatment, or have a sensitive skin, this amazing product may be the right answer for you. Book for a free colour consultation with our expert colourists now!

Colour Correction

You had your hair coloured but weren’t happy with the colour? Or simply thinking of a complete colour refresh? Nothing to fear. Our colour experts master colour changes on a regular basis. With tons of years in colour experience they will be able to recommend the right path for you to get to your desired colour shade.


If your hair is already coloured but you want a complete refresh, most likely the process would involve bleaching. While this is a strong chemical process, you would have nothing to fear, as our hair colour experts would be able to recommend you the most gentle of processes as needed for your hair. Note in the video on the side a customer going thought the bleaching process to get her coloured hair a more reddish colour refresh. Outstanding finish and hair perfectly healthy at the end! Book with our colour experts now!

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Colour Correction

Thinking of a change of hair colour?
Nothing to fear just call Class & Class salon and check in for a no obligation consultation. We are here to help and offer you our services and adviceĀ 

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