Colour Correction Gallery

Colour transformation from very dark brown to red

Tired of your dark brown box colour? If you have coloured your hair with dark bown shades and you’d like to go lighter on your next hair service, with an all over red shade for example, nothing to fear.

It’s not going to be a standard tinting session, as a lighter colour won’t have any effects on darker colours.

The first step is to strip off the dark brown pigment from your hair. Then a lighter colour can be applied to achieve a uniform brilliant tone. This process is called colour correction.

Any colours can be achieved, but remember this takes longer than a tinting session and may not be achieved in one go!


Each colour correction hair service varies, depending on the current condition of your hair and the final look you want to achieve.

If your last visit to the hairdresser for a colour session was more than six months ago, and you’re looking at refreshing your colour with lighter shades, a good session of balayage or highlights may achieve your end results.

Always ask your colourist for a consultation, before booking online. Chances are that your visit will take longer than normal, as your stylist has to work carefully through the different sections of your hair!

Take a seat and relax. It’s going to be amazing…


Brassy yellowish hair? Want to go ash blonde?

Nothing to fear. This is a straightforward process, but it’s longer than a standard highlights session of two hours.

If you’re planning to change into a much lighter hair shade, always be patient and prepared for a longer session.

To achieve beautiful colours takes time. If you’re in rush, chances are your hairdresser will deliver below your expectations.

A beautiful flower may take a year to flourish. What’s few hours at your best hairdresser in comparison?

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