Is your hair colour fading? How to prevent it

After looking gorgeous and with a shiny new colour, the whole experience could easily turn sour if you don’t take care of your hair. Our expert colourists at Class & Class give you few tips to make sure your colour will look shinier and last longer after your salon visit. Read on. ✂️


Shampooing after colouring

Try to wait for as long as possible before shampooing after the colouring process. Waiting at least 24 hours after your session with the colourist will help your new colour settle in better.


Shampooing less frequently

It’s inevitable that your colour will fade a bit each time you wash your hair. Do you really need to wash your hair every day?


Avoid super hot water

The hotter the water you use to rinse your hair the higher the chance your colour will fade faster. Hot water can cause the hair cuticle to open, releasing more of the colour while rinsing. Use lukewarm water if possible.


Shampoo aftercare

Choose only good quality shampoos, better if specifically designed for colour protection. Sulfate free shampoos are gentler on your colour, so unless you have greasy hair, it would be a better choice.


Colour choice

Certain colours fade faster than others. While red shades look head-turning, they fade the fastest as their molecules are larger and heavier than other colours, making them less stable.


Avoid colour enemies

Salt water, chlorine and very hard water are colour stripping, so reducing hair exposure to these elements will make your colour last longer. If inevitable, there are good products on the market designed to protect your colour against these agents. Speak to a member of our team or go online to find out more.


Is your hair healthy?

If after taking all the possible precautions you notice that your colour is still fading fast, you should check your hair health. Lack of minerals or proteins in your hair will inevitably cause your colour to fade faster than normal. Check our dry or damaged hair blog to find it out.


Use the toner

In between your colours’ appointments the toner is the best chance to keep your colour vivid longer. The toner will re-estblish the original tone and push back the brassiness and dull tones that come with fading. A toner is a very inexpensive process and lasts up to four weeks. It’s a must to for red shades, if you want your colour to last longer!