Hair Extensions Questions and Answers

Which hair extensions should I choose?

At Class & Class we provide a complimentary consultation to make sure you choose the right model for your hair and requirements.

90% of our clients choose the tape in extensions. They’re easy to maintaint,comparably less expensive than other models, more gentle and less damaging on your hair. They’re reusable, flexible and invisible when professionally applied.

What more could you ask for? Check out all the available models that Class & Class can offer you!

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How long will my hair last?

Some systems last longer than others. Our highest quality grade extensions last more than a year with general mainteinance. Some of our regular customers have managed longer with our monthly plan mainteinance schedule.

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What about sports and swimming?

Hair extensions won’t stop you practising your favourite sport activities. You just need to take some precautions and do some good aftercare. Just brush your hair before starting, to prevent tangling or knotting. Tying it high in a ponytail and using specific products will make sure the hair won’t get damaged. Avoid salt water where possible or use our recommended products to avoid any unnecessary damage.

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What’s the cost?

The cost will generally depend on the type, quantity, lenght and quality of the hair extensions you require. As a rough guide, our bestselling tape extension model 18″ for a full head hair extensions generally retails at £450, fitting included. The model below, looking for a bit of volume around her sides, with the tape in extensions 18″ and the luxury series would be retailing at £150.

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