Hair Oil Treatment

Does your hair feel a bit dull or spent? Could an oil be the missing piece in your haircare routine?  ✂️

Read on to find out all about hair oil treatment…what is it and what does it do.

What it is?

Natural oils from plants and seeds, such as argan, almond and lintseed, have been used in haircare for thousands of years to condition the hair, to a great success.

We’re still using them today, blended with other natural or synthetic products to promote healthy looking hair.

What does it do?

A great hair oil treatment should strengthen hair, add shine and silky finish to your hair. Nut and plant oils are rich in vitamins A (improves hair elasticity) and E (antioxidant), which prevent hair from becoming dry, dull and brittle.

With thousands of ladies served regularly every year and a great amount of oil products tried and tested over the past, our stylists at Class & Class recommend MoroccanOIL treatment as the best oil in the market that embodies all the positive effects, without weighting down on hair or making hair look greasy.

With its unique formula and the power of argan oil, the Moroccanoil treatment prevents split ends, hydrates and revitalises hair with increased elasticity, while at the same time restoring shine and health to dull and lifeless hair.

How to use it?

To add shine and moisture on dry hair: use one or two drops, rub between your hands and apply sparingly from mid-lenght to ends. Apply regularly but avoid overload.

As a conditioner and detangler apply on wet hair after shampoo, always avoiding the roots in order for the hair not to become greasy.

For fine hair it is recommended to use only MoroccanOIL light treatment!