Mens skin fade haircut

Mens skin fade haircut? If you’re looking for a modern and stilish fresh haircut, the skin fade haircut is getting even more popular in 2020.

The contrast between the top and the faded sides, the ability to combine it with lots of other styles at the top is what’s making it really fashionable and trendy.

So, what’s the mens skin fade haircut? Generally speaking, it refers to all the haircuts that start with longer hair at the top that gradually fade shorter on the sides and down at the back. Whether it’s a high skin fade or low skin fade, there are so many variations that pictures are always a better show for the style you prefer the most.

What’s common in this style is the super versatily it allows you with the hair at the top: slicking it back, long or short, roughed up for volume and texture…it fits well with those man that spend time and carefully craft their hair look at the mirror and those that roll out of bed and are straight on the go.

After looking polished and groomed the whole week you can easily achieve this cool men’s look today at Class & Class.

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Slicked back mens skin fade haircut

A classy slicked back mens skin fade haircut. It looks sharp and very edgy.

High mens skin fade haircut

A high skin fade haircut with little to no hair on the sides. The blonde spikes make it look cooler and trendier.

If you’re in for more mainteinance, are ready to use a matte styling product quite regularly, this is a cool look that will do for you!

Skin fade haircut with perm

Bored with your hair look? You can go for a complete transformation, coupling the skin fade haircut with a perm at the top. Trust us. It looks a super cool transformation!