Get that messy hair look!

For those days when you want to look stylish without trying, a low maintenance messy hair look is all you need!

Teamed with your everyday basics, it will instantly impress but without all the effort for a more high maintenance look…

Get creative ✂️

How to achieve the messy hair look

Add few bouncy waves with your straightener, scrunch them a bit with your hands and you’ll be casually cool but seriously stylish and ready for the red carpet.

For him: you should have a faded haircut for maximum effect. Once you wash and towel dry your hair, use your hairdryer to add volume and movement to your hair. Use a small amount of clay or wax and work your hair to achieve the desired movement and shape effect.

You want to get your hair a little dishevelled and not too defined, for a cool messy hair look.
See below some inspirational pictures from our own artisan works to give you some ideas and howtos hair for a stylish day without much effort.