What a day!

Serenity was the word of the day.

And so befitting it was.

It started with a deep cleaning and a raft of appointments cancellations.

I put on a brave face and carried on.

This is going to be a long day. But I know I cannot stop.

My clients need me. In these moments of worries and panic spreading fast, we’re the part-time therapists and life-time miracle workers that can make all the difference in turning dull and depressing days into something more bearable and rejuvenating.

The first client arrives. Thanks God for that. We started our conversation on the topic of the day, Coronavirus.

I try to adopt all the precautions of the day: gloves, social distancing. I offer a face mask and hand gel.

Thoughts and feelings ebbed and flowed with each gentle movement to wash and rinse her hair.

Here comes the head massage and we reached a state of true tranquillity.

A lovely haircut and a blowdry later, a vital part of my day comes eventually: to see my customer at peace, beaming smiles in every direction. It’s always one of life’s more enlightening moments.

After the lunch break, only two more clients to occupy my day.

I feel stronger, put my fears aside. Get more praise and glow from their nice words.

The long day comes to an end eventually.

I feel exhausted from the physical and mental tiredness.

At 7pm I close the shutters and I eventually feel alone.

An apocalyptic scenario flows in my mind.

But I was there before and I survived…

I know all will go well this time as well. Together we’ll go over it.

All will be well.