Ealing Tanning Sunbed

Get that tan even without the sun

Our tanning sunbed in Ealing is a standing unit. It’s regularly refurbished throughout the year, it’s extremely clean and has best in the market lamps that stimulate extra vitamin D on top of giving you a gorgeous uniform tan.

That’s the secret why it’s the most used sunbed in Ealing and regularly used by a very loyal customer base in the area and beyond.

Missing sunlight? Want to top-up your holiday tan or load on vitamin D? Want to address some skin conditions or just avoid being sunburnt once you go on a hot holiday?

Then the sunbed it’s just what you need!

It’s conveniently located just a short walk off Ealing Broadway.

No bookings required. Promotions available, with a 60 minutes course that costs as little as £35 or around 60p per minute.


Get a 50% off your next hair service at Class & Class when you buy a 60 minutes sunbed course!

Offer is valid until 30th July 2019. Offer is provided only upon request at the till or over the phone!

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